Sometimes hints of answers to the “big questions” are revealed in unexpected moments.

I remember one such moment from years ago when the kids were small. I was at the grocery store, braving that dangerous time zone before dinner we called the witching hour that flirts with the limits of kids’ hunger and eminent melt-down.

My daughter sat in the wire seat, singing silly songs with me as I raced up and down the aisles, ingredients piling up in the cart behind her. We careened around a corner and sped into the canned goods aisle. An elderly man stood in front of the items I needed. His cart was empty. Mine teetered like a landfill. He was tall and stooped with watery blue eyes. He didn’t see our approach and startled as I screeched to a halt beside him.

Despite how maddeningly improbable that someone would be standing exactly where I needed to be in this otherwise empty aisle, I joked to him about great minds thinking alike.


Extrovert Island

An oasis of calm to my hurricane, the man smiled and said, “Must be nice to know what you want.” I laughed with easy pleasantry before rushing to the check-out, packing the car, and jetting home to make dinner.

Hours later, after dinner, bath, and story-time– the man’s words came flooding back.

The innocence of his words seemed to reflect on something much more prophetic. That only by knowing what we want in life can we set our course to success. That the knowing was key. And perhaps, from pea soup for dinner to a promotion at work, Life is the great unique journey to enjoy on the plotted path towards achieving our goals.