East/West – Seamless

Sareh Donaher

در کافه پلاک ۵۲،مهمان ساره دوناهر، نویسنده و شاعر صاحب سبک انگلیسی زبان هستیم. ساره در کودکی به همراه خانواده اش به کانادا مهاجرت کرده و در ونکوور ساکن است. برای آشنایی بیشتر با ساره، کلیک کنید. 

When my family and I immigrated in 1981 there were very few Iranians in Canada. Lonsdale Avenue, a major thoroughfare of North Vancouver, had various immigrant populations living in rental apartments and it was far from the “Little Tehran” as it is known as today.

As a child, I was very aware that I was different than the wider population around me, but it was okay. In fact it was good: multiculturalism was celebrated in Canada, taught in schools, and we were more often than not met with kind openness from Canadians.

But perhaps because we live in a world where binary views are pervasive because they appeal to our social psychological need for simplicity, deep down inside even the most enlightened of us may have trouble confronting dualities in our lives. But the need to confront is there because all darkness must come to the light, and it comes through sometimes in the most elusive manner, in dreams, in little hurts, in angry bursts, or, if lucky, in the art we share.

The following poem was born from such a place. I hope you enjoy it.


I didn’t know

you could love me

your white gaze

on my brown body

your blue eyes bathe

deep in my black

hot blood beats fast in cold crisp morning walks from snowbank linens

where I leave strands of my ebony hair


clay prayer tablets

grains of sand

obsidian prayer beads

in your palms and feet

as you sleep

integrating you with me, me to you

I didn’t know it could be so seamless

Crisis of Consciousness ‌Sareh Donaher 

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