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Think Like a Persian

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The most widely-read Persian Multimedia and Digital Magazine

PELAK52 is a content-producing, biweekly digital Persian magazine which covers first-hand and original cultural, social, and environmental news and reports in Farsi Language. Pages of the magazine are dedicated to Interview with artists, novels, kids, comics, cooking training, etc., which make them quite attractive for Persian families in Canada.

200,000 Persians Live in Canada

Regarding the fact that there are more than 200,000 Persians living in beautiful Canada, Advertising your Business in PELAK52 will be increasing your target markets since many Persians still prefer to read Farsi magazines and  newspapers due to cultural preferences and language barriers.

Your advertisement will be published in :

  • PELAK52 Digital Magazine twice monthly (with Video, link to your website or Social Media),

  • PELAK52 Instagram (With more than 100K followers)

  • PELAK52 daily E-Newsletters ( Open rate more than %50)

There is a reasonable chance that advertising in PELAK52 will provide your business with new customers or the strength of Persian client loyalty.

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Farsi !

Farsi is the First Language of a Persian!

Do not worry!

We will translate, design, and customize your advertisements exactly based on Persian taste!

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